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Contact number 02)781-7574
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Educational Goal

Law / institution, policy, management, technology, consulting, etc.
Nurturing security experts with multidimensional competence

As ICT convergence and intelligent informatization are accelerating, leakages of important information and customer information of a digitized company due to cyber attack are becoming more frequent. Therefore, it is important to establish a security strategy in terms of business management.

In this department, we aim to cultivate talented individuals with the ability to build an enterprise-wide security management system in conjunction with organizational management strategies and informatization strategies.

Career Prospect

  • Information security experts, information and communication consultants, computer system supervisors, information system operators
  • By completing the courses in Cyber Security Management, students will become experts in multi-disciplinary security, including security related laws / systems, policies, management, technology, and consulting for preemptive response based on the business characteristics of various organizations. We are confident that students will grow as a convergent security talents to enhance security management ability across the industry by establishing a security strategy that is linked to organizational management strategies, not limited to security activities regarding IT departments, and developing risk analysis and evaluation methodologies within the organization.
  • Graduates are mostly working as security officers and security managers for general companies as well as security consulting firms.