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Location of Department Office Education Building A101

Educational Goal

The core of the 4th Industrial Revolution is cultural contents!!
If you want to be a specialist in cultural contents, Come to Sangmyung University Department of Creative Contents!!

In order to play a pivotal role in the creative culture industry, the future core industry of Korea, we will cultivate talented people who can plan and market the culture industry based on understanding of advanced technology in culture and lead them to business successfully. To be the center of high-tech culture technology industry that unearths new cultural contents and business model.

Career Prospect

  • Regional research institutes by universities, local research institutes, cultural critics, cultural product development, tourism companies, tourist guides, local brand development venture companies, Professional researchers in hotels, airports, diplomatic, government offices, municipalities and cultural tourism, Management and sales departments of ICT, games, automobiles, semiconductors, machinery and chemicals, Culture related experts in mass media such as newspapers, publication and printing, Culture contents business establishment, cultural contents planning field (urban culture brand, cultural exchange contents, media contents, etc.) Cultural contents theory and media field (public culture critic, public officials in the field of culture and tourism in the municipality, broadcasting artist, contents storyteller, reporter, announcer etc. ) Convergence culture contents field (game planning and developer, archiving specialist, cultural contents marketer)