Research Plan

  • Thesis (Research) Plan Submission
    • You can request for thesis review only after submitting thesis (research) plan in given time and getting thesis guide for more than two semesters.
  • Submission Period
    • Within 1 month of that semester
  • Submission Method
    • Get assigned an advisor through consultation with the head of department within 1 month of that semester.
    • Decide thesis topic and research materials under the guide of assigned advisor.
    • Log in and type it to homepage Academic Calendar, print < Thesis (Research) Plan >, get it signed by the head of the department and student him/herself and submit it to the Department Office.
  • How to enter research plan: Graduate School homepage → log in to Academic Calendar→ Thesis information → Registration of thesis title → Entry of contents and Save → Click on "Thesis (research) plan" → Print -> Submit it to the department office