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Location of Department Office Central Faculty Hall S115

Educational Goal

Department of Chemistry Pursues
Future Korea's efficient industrial development and pleasant environment improvement

The Department of Chemistry educates the general knowledge and skills on energy conversion and storage based on nano- and molecular engineering, and aims to nurture talents who are capable of dealing with global energy depletion, climate change and environmental problems through the production and utilization of renewable and bio-energy. Topics include energy thermodynamics, catalytic engineering, organic and inorganic chemistry, stoichiometry and statistics as basic disciplines which deal with characteristics and composition of materials. Application courses of energy engineering include electrochemistry and energy storage, energy photochemistry, energy environmental engineering, energy conversion engineering, and nanotechnology. In this department, we will train engineers who will contribute to various fields of national society such as energy engineering experts, energy storage and conversion research developers, climate change response experts, personnel for corporations, government agencies, universities, and etc.

Career Prospect

  • Solar cell, photocatalyst research institute and company
  • CO2 reduction and environmental research institutes and companies
  • Research institutes and companies related to materials such as energy materials, electronic parts materials, battery materials, automobile materials, and polymer materials
  • Research institutes and companies with high value added organic chemicals and catalysts such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and fine chemicals
  • Biofuel and chemical production company
  • Public corporations and private companies related to microalgae treatment
  • Research institute device analysis room