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Educational Goal

Department of System Semiconductor Engineering that leads future smart society

In the coming future smart society, the ability and evaluation method to be equipped as an engineer in Korea is not the "development of existing knowledge and sequence-based evaluation" to obtain my share from the limited pie, but the "self-driven engineering problem design ability and capability based evaluation." In keeping with this paradigm shift, the Department of System Semiconductor Engineering prepares students for designing their own engineering problems in system semiconductor design, which is the foundation of the smart industry, so that they can prepare for future smart society. Department of System Semiconductor Engineering focuses on basic knowledge such as microprocessor, semiconductor properties and process, SoC, non-memory semiconductor design, and application ability in applications such as voice / image processing, wireless communication, and network. In addition, the Department of System Semiconductor Engineering has been selected as the "Prime Project" by the Ministry of Education and has the conditions to educate talented people with annual support of 5 billion won. Department of System Semiconductor Engineering has an employment contract with midsize companies such as domestic Fabless and design house, guaranteeing employment of a large number of graduates at the same time as graduation. It is also making efforts to help graduates enter Samsung Electronics and other leading companies.

Career Prospect

Game creator, game programmer, game planner, web developer, virtual reality expert Future society in a smart ecosystem in which humans communicate with computers and machines, professional manpower to combine diverse fields and develop innovative things is expected to be needed. Thus, the demand for game creators, game programmers, game planners, web developers, and virtual reality specialists, who have the ability to connect various objects such as human, hardware, software, and data, will increase.