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Contact number 02)2287-5142
Location of Department Office Central Faculty Hall S115

Educational Goal

From small cells to microorganisms, plants, animals, and from Sangmyung University to Bigger Ones!

The Department of Biology educates and studies profound theories, experimental methodologies, and a wide range of applied methods throughout the life sciences as a new growth engine for the nation to enter the 21st century high-tech industrial society. At the same time, its goal is to nurture talented people capable of contributing to the nation and human society with a broad perspective. Under this goal, the Department of Biology places special emphasis on professionalism and conducts customized education that seeks to maximize employment opportunities.

  • Fostering competent leader-level researchers to enter into academic life science and application fields
  • Training to be personnel engaged in education related to life sciences with responsibility and commitment
  • Nurturing experts in national basic science fields and advanced, convergence and applied biotechnology fields
  • Fostering industrial manpower that can be utilized as a specialist in bio-industry

Career Prospect

  • Public research institute, local government, research institute affiliated with company
  • Biological product development, production management, quality control department
  • Bio product marketing, academic support department
  • Researcher at University Hospital or Institute of Medical Science
  • Analysis work at Life genome information and diagnosis medical center