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Contact number 041)550-5334
Location of Department Office 31, Sangmyeongdae-gil, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea 102-ho (right) 31066

Educational Goal

Department of Sports Convergence Technology

The field of sports convergence technology means creating synergy effect through fusion between sports and other academic fields. Until now, most research in the field of sports has been confined to the field of sports, so it has not been possible to spread the power of the essence of sports. This graduate school's Department of Sports Convergence Technology has a significance in overcoming limitations of such sports field and creating a new paradigm that can contribute to society through convergence with other interdisciplinary fields.

This course focuses on five areas: sports management, sports engineering, sports culture, sports & health care, sports coaching. Centered around those five areas, it provides in-depth learning in sports management, sports marketing, sports agent, sport culture, sports IT, Sports game analysis, Sports sociology, sports psychology, and coaching, aiming to cultivate convergent professional talents with field skills and practical skills.

Career Prospect

  • Professor of Sports
  • Sports department government agency, private enterprise researcher
  • Sports analyst
  • Sports reporter
  • Sports game analysis expert
  • Pro-Sports Scout
  • Sports Coaching Specialist
  • Sports psychology counselor
  • Sporting goods manufacturing specialist
  • Sports & Culture Convergence Specialist