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Educational Goal

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Colorful and Creative Department of Theater

The Department of Theater aims to establish the academic standing of theater through in-depth exploration of the theatrical art world. The curriculum is focused on the theater theory and theater theory. Specific objectives for implementation are as follows.
Understanding the East and the West Theater Aesthetics
Establishment of methodology of theater and Korean theater methodology studies
Establishing theory of acting directing
Establishment of arts education for the study of educational drama and qualification as a cultural arts education teacher

Career Prospect

After graduation, the following fields including theater (musical) actor, film (broadcasting) actor, cultural arts educator, educational theater T.I.E. Director, professor (teacher), announcer, voice actor, MC, reporter, drama (musical / children drama / opera / dance / video) directing, performance (event / advertisement) planning, drama review, drama , stage technician (lighting / sound), theater (film) production, broadcasting station PD, CF PD, journalist, entertainment management are available.