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Educational Goal

One Major & Multi Networking

Actively responding to specialization and segmentation through convergence design arts and culture education and nurturing convergent designer and educator equipped with professional knowledge and practical ability suitable for present and future problem solving beyond the limitations of interdisciplinary education

Contributing to nurturing future talents through collaborative education, multidisciplinary education, field-based education, interdisciplinary convergent research, and research through industry-university linkages

Career Prospect

The graduate school is a new blue ocean in the Chinese student market.

  • Attracting foreign students is important not only for the internationalization of universities but it also is a foundation for national development.
  • Globalization of knowledge and economy is promoting the internationalization of universities. Universities around the world regard attracting foreign students as a factor in strengthening their higher education competitiveness and internationalization.
  • As the number of Chinese students who made up the largest portion of the total number of international students in Korea is expected to decline by more than 11,000, from 43,917 to 48,109 in 2011, and the population of schooling in China will decline by 20 million by 2020, it is difficult to expect a significant increase in the number of Chinese students in near future.
  • As of the end of 2015, the degree proportion of total number of 404,201,000 international students turns out to be 9.81% for bachelor's students, 80.7% for master's students, and 9.49% for doctoral students. It is analyzed that it is preferable to go abroad for short-term and to gain competitiveness because the period is short and the costs are low compared to China.
  • In China, it is very difficult for graduate students to enter a master's or doctoral program. Thus, it is expected that the demand for domestic graduate school to rise.