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Contact number 041)550-5273
Location of Department Office Cheonan Campus Comprehensive Practice Hall F-dong Room 206

Educational Goal

Department of Stage Arts, leading Convergence Culture & Arts Industry

It aims to educate future-oriented talents in accordance with the culture and art industry demanded by modern society. Through this specialized curriculum in the field of stage technology, which is adapted to the needs of the cultural arts industry diversified into systematic stage art education based on the performing arts, it is cultivating competitive and complex specialists that combine artistry and technical competence.

Career Prospect

  • Stage Arts
    • Stage designer, film production designer, TV broadcasting stage designer, stage costume designer, stage lighting designer, prop designer, exhibition designer and art director, stage director, technical director, stage production, special effects, special makeup and makeup designer, theme park designer, interior designers, broadcasters, performing arts companies, performance production companies, film art productions, CF advertising, etc.