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Location of Department Office Design Building D206

Educational Goal

Department of Creative Convergence Global Design, leading the 4th Industrial era

Sangmyung University Graduate School of Design aims to cultivate creative design leaders who will lead a new high-tech design culture in the global age.

The department studies various areas of design, such as visual design major, fashion design major, textile design major, interior design major, ceramic design major, and industrial design major. Through continuous education program development and research, we will make convergent solution and nurture experts who can contribute to the improvement of human life and welfare.

In addition, by producing designers and experts who can express the spirit of this age need this era, such experts of each major are expected to make a great contribution to the development of life culture and design in modern industrial society.

Career Prospect

According to the current trend, the demand for creative fusion and hybrid designers suitable for the upcoming fourth-generation industry is expected to increase.

Korea has a well-developed environment to leap into design advanced countries with fostering large-scale design manpower, increasing corporate design investment, expanding the design field infrastructure and entrepreneurial items. Possessing rich cultural assets and the world's best information infrastructure, the growth potential of design area is seen as infinite.

As a result, it is possible to pursue career in various fields as follows.

  • Design practical areas
  • Education and Research areas
  • Administration and management areas
  • Press and Media areas