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Location of Department Office Design Building D414a

Educational Goal

Department of Comics and Animation, leading the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Department of Comics and Animation is a convergent-type content that combines high-tech digital technology and culture art in the 21st century. It is systematically nurturing cultural contents specialists by combining effective theoretical and practical aspects of painting, design and advanced media as a practical study. The goal is to nurture talented people in the global era, creating creative, original and comprehensive art works from planning to storytelling, directing and image production. We will also study the tools and technologies needed in the field, not only webtoons, but also publishing cartoons, animations, game graphics and other visual track effects. We will also produce competitive experts who can make new leading cultural arts contents in the era of contents Bing Bang. We are expanding opportunities for field experience through cartoon animation workshops and special lectures on inviting industrial experts and explore the possibilities of various employment opportunities. This major aims to educate and empower professionals who will lead these future arts by exploring these characteristics in the status of art and industry. Through the deepening of visual aesthetics and the evolving storytelling ability, we will nurture cultural contents experts who would lead the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Career Prospect

  • Comic / Webtoon writer, illustrator, character / emoticon designer
  • Publication editing team, newspaper design team, cartoon contents planner / PD / agency
  • Animation Director, 3D CG professional, Animation Planning and Agency, Video VFX Professional
  • Movie game animator, illustrator, concept artist, game technical artist
  • Comic Animation Officials, Cartoonists, Teachers, Professors