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Contact number 02)2287-5162
Location of Department Office Wolhae-hall M405

Educational Goal

Art – Education – Technology
Department of Plastic Arts which cultivates creative and convergent professionals

Since the establishment of traditional art genres such as Korean paintings, Western paintings, and sculptures in the departments, the graduate school of the Department of Plastic Arts is responsible for researching, experimenting and teaching various kinds of new media arts ranging from installation, photography, visual arts, and other digital arts.
The educational goal of the department is to discover the artistic practice ability such as art image production, object production, medium utilization, and to study the history, the theory, and the field discourse academically.
To this end, members such as professors and graduate students will dynamically participate in the arts field to enhance their creativity and imagination, and to improve synergy through fusion and consensus among various art genres, as well as to create synergies between East and West, popularity and artistry, And non-arts, producing academic achievements and discourses. Ultimately, the goal of the department of plastic arts is to be an active base of art elites who can successfully respond to the demands of the field and overcome the limitations by successfully pre-launching the world's untouched vision.

Career Prospect

Korean painting artist, Western painting artist, sculptor, installation artist, critic, curator and curator, exhibition planner, art teacher, lifelong art education expert, designer, stage art expert, visual designer

  • National certifications: cultural arts educators, web technologists, colorists, art psychotherapists, game graphic experts, pattern maker, casting technicians, masonry technicians, precious metal technicians, visual designers, computer graphic operators, product designers , product application modeling articles, stage arts professionals, cultural property repair artisans, museums and art museums curators, etc.