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Contact number 02)2287-5386
Location of Department Office Wolhae-hall M413

Educational Goal

Cultivating creative fusion musical musicians leading culture and arts education

Based on the ideology of Sangmyung Education, we aim to train creative and professional musicians by completing the leadership personality based on systematic theory, practice and practice-oriented education. Specific implementation goals for this are as follows.

  • Training professional musicians leading the era of cultural industry
  • Cultivating musical talents based on mutual understanding of music, human, and society
  • Cultivating field-oriented cultural producers

Career Prospect

Based on systematic theory and practice-oriented education, the Department of Music is developing talented people who will lead the Korean music industry with the vision of "fostering a fusion musician who can communicate with the world".

  • Professional musicians / composers, choirs, orchestra members, conductors, accompanists, religious musicians
  • Middle School Music Teachers, Instructors and Operators, Music (Psychology) Therapist, Music Journalist, Music Journal Editor
  • Music producers, recording / editing professionals, performance performers, etc.