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Contact number 02)2287-5386
Location of Department Office Wolhae-hall M413

Educational Goal

Cultivating competent artistic talents required by the 4th Industrial Revolution era

New Media Music is constantly expanding. With the rapid development of the media, music contents have been diversified and fragmented, and the importance of the data extracted from them has also become a key point of the large industry.
The Department of New Media and Music has its educational goals in cultivating competent artistic talents required by this fourth industrial revolution era. Based on creative musical knowledge and thinking, it will produce talented people who will develop practical fusion media contents in specialized fields.

Career Prospect

  • You can work as an artist with theoretical and practical skills, like composing music, playing music, and computer music programming such as K-pop, musicals, and movie music.
  • You can contribute to the media industry with media theory and major practical skills such as music production, music business, sound engineering, digital broadcasting and web content production.
  • You can serve as an educator with the ability to teach the theories of the New Media and the practical skills of the major in the field of education, based on global identity inside or outside the country.