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Contact number 02)2287-5162
Location of Department Office Wolhae-hall M405

Educational Goal

“Art in Life.”
Department of Living Arts

In the 21st century era of culture and arts, we aim to cultivate professionals in the field of art and design that blend art education and design education. We will systematically implement goals to nurture creative and internationally competitive professionals.

  • Fostering professional artists with international competitiveness by fusing Eastern and Western culture
  • Major education that combines popularity and artistry to pursue creativity and participation and contribute to the nation and the community
  • Major education equipped with professional competitiveness in various fields, covering the past and the present
  • Nurturing forward-looking futuristic artists for globalization and digital age

Career Prospect

Restoration experts, curators and exhibition planners, lifelong arts education experts

  • Textile Arts Major
    • designers, pattern designers, weaving designers, fashion accessory designers, interior textile designers, interior design designers, MD (merchandisers), colorists, trend-related companies, textile artists, educators
  • Furniture-making Major
    • Furniture designers, interior designers, VMDs, product designers, graphic designers (architectural CG), public designers, stage designers, MDs, woodworkers, furniture and interior designers, salesmen, educators
  • Certifications: Product design architect, interior architecture architect, fashion design architect, textile design architect, colorist architect, woodworking craftsmen, cultural art history