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Educational Goal

Department of Physical Education, leading national strength and health

The ability and evaluation methods to be equipped as an athlete are based on the ability to develop self-directed physical fitness and health promotion programs that can be traced to advanced physical education in Korea.
The details of the field of physical education are to examine and practice the proliferation of sports values in the sports field for the elderly, the disabled, and the infant sports, based on sports science.
The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare annually carry out research projects related to physical education and conduct R & D projects such as the Korea Research Foundation every year.
The new value of physical education is fused with entrepreneurship and the community, and it is striving for joint research and employment with related enterprises.

Career Prospect

  • Work as life cycle sports leader and a specialist for national physical strength and health enhancement through convergence with neighboring disciplines with various academic fields of physical education
  • It is expected that the fitness business will become more fragmented and will play a role in practicing the value of physical education. Therefore, it is expected that the expertise of exercise instruction by disease, age, and strength will be valued.
  • Professional researcher and practitioner of sports including rehabilitation specialists, sports medicine researcher, and health care athletes are expected play a key role.