Change of Course Classification

  • Graduate School Course Classification Type
    • Major, Prerequisite, General Elective
  • Change of Course Classification
    • It is a system to change course classification with application submission.
  • Terms of Change
    • Major → Prerequisite: When you apply more than the number of credits you can apply for major (Additional major course) → Submit “Graduate School Course Classification Change Proposal”
    • Major → Prerequisite: When replacing major courses with prerequisite courses due to department circumstances that cannot open prerequisite courses (taking as prerequisite courses) → Submit “Graduate School Course Classification Change Proposal”
    • General → Major: The maximum number of courses from other departments or other Graduate Schools that can be accepted as majour courses is up to half of graduation credits (24 for Master, 36 for Doctor, 60 for Unified Master and Doctor Program) including those courses you took at other Graduate School. → Submit “Graduate School Credit Exchange Proposal”
  • Change Period of Course Classification
    • Due to changes in the course classification, GPA and number of require credits may be different. Therefore, students must apply for course classification, at the same time as course registration. Since you cannot correct the changed classification, take extra care when you make change proposal.
  • Application for Change of Course Classification
    • Download “Graduate School Course Classification Change Proposal and Graduate School Credit Exchange Proposal” from homepage format section and submit it to Academics & Student Affairs Team.