• Korean nationals (excluding those registered as overseas emigrant, permanent residents, and overseas Koreans *) who are undergraduate and graduate students (including students who are entering or about to return)
    • However, overseas Korean living in Korea are allowed for regular repayment student loan.
    • Student loan available to those gave up emigration or permanently returned an registered in Korea


  • 55 years old or below as of the date of loan application. * However, students who are enrolled in a university before the age of 55 and continue their education without interruption can borrow regular repayment student loans up to 59 years old(including those who are enrolled at the age of 56 and continuing their studies), but cannot apply for loans after completion of the degree program

Grade and Number of Credits Completed

Freshmen group
  • New students, transfer students, re-entry students
    • Pass the criteria grades and credits by the "admission" of the university
    • Student loan limited in case of credit bank system and non-degree course
Enrolled Student
  • Those who have completed the minimum credits (12 credits) and achieved 70 or above (out of 100 points) in the previous semester.
    • Final-year students, graduate students, and disabled students are exempted from this criterion.
    • Credits earned from the credit bank system are not accepted ((part-time, full-time).
    • If a student’s university's minimum number of credits per semester is less than 12 credits per academic year, the university's academic regulations prevail.
    • Those who completed academic requirements without earning degree and taking further credits and those who are enrolled in non-degree course have limitation regarding student loans.

Income interval (quartile) criteria

  • Income interval (quartile) irrelevant
    • However, for students from multi-child families (more than 3 children), repayment after employment is available (for the first and second child as well)
    • If you wish to have a student loan before the income limit (quartile) is confirmed due to reasons like your enrollment (planned) school’s tuition payment period final deadline, you can make a regular repayment student loan. Go to pre-approval guide

Subject to loan restriction

  • Duplicate application, poor document submission, or those with outstanding tuition or loan difference, and etc. When applying for loan, those with credit crunch can be restricted from regular repayment student loan until resolution.

Loan Process

Loan Process zoom in
  1. 1. Preparation for loan

    Issuance of Accredited Certificate for Application of Student Loan

    Guide to Issuance of Accredited Certificate

  2. 2. Request for loan

    Fill out the Regular/ After Employment / Rural Application Form

    Fill out Application Form

  3. 3. Financial Training

    Completion of e-learning when applying for student loan (required)

    Taking e-Learning

  4. 4. Request Completed

    Agreement from household member necessary for loan approval in case of undergraduate (When the household member agreement is incomplete)

    Household member agreement

  5. 5. Document Submission

    Submit documents related to family information for income interval (quartile) identification (Submit when necessary

    Documents to be submitted

  6. 6. Loan Approval

    Confirmation of loan examination results and special recommendation for those who did not make examination requirements

    Application Status

  7. 7. Loan

    Individual payment of tuition/living expense through accredited certificate

    Application Status

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