Registration Period

Usually in 2 to 3 weeks before the start of the semester (refer to Academic Calendar and Announcement)

Drop & Add Period

Usually in 1 week after the start of the semester (refer to Academic Calendar and Announcement)

  • Those who fail to enroll during the registration period may register in this period.
  • Registration cannot be changed after the drop & add period.
  • For credit waiver system, refer to homepage Academic Calendar – Class/Grade - (Grade)

Number of Credits Required for Completion

Master course (Bachelor and Master) 24 major credits, Doctor Course 36 major credits, Unified Master’s and Doctor’s Course 60 major credits

Subjects to prerequisites courses should take designated prerequisite courses(credits) other than the standard number of credits required for completion (Refer to the menu “Subjects to prerequisites courses”)

Maximum Number of Credits

  • Maximum 9 credits for major course per semester
  • Maximum 6 credits for other courses (general elective, prerequisite) per semester
  • One cannot apply
  • for more than 12 credits including major and other courses per semester.
    Ex) Available number of credits for other courses depending on number of credits for registered major courses

Course Registration
Registered Credits for Major Course Available Credits for Other Courses
(general elective, prerequisite)
6 6 12
9 3 12
3 6 9
3 9 None

Course Number Classification

Course Number Classification
Course Classification Code Subjects Note
All Courses C~ All Graduate School Students Accepted as Major Courses

If you take courses from other departments and other graduate schools, it will be classified as "general elective." For acceptance as<Major>, refer to homepage <Change of Course Classification>.

Change of Course Classification at Course Registration

  • You can change course classification in the following situations. In that case, you must download <Graduate School Course Classification Change Proposal> from homepage format section and submit it.
    • If you want to complete your department subject as "Prerequisite" or "General Elective"
  • Applications must be submitted with the course registration during the registration period. If you can not apply for course registration due to limitations of course classification, you must apply for enrollment to the graduate Academics & Student Affairs Team while submitting your application.

Checklist after Course Registration

Because it may cause difficulty in graduation due to a mistake in registration, please make sure to check the subject and course classification.