Dissertation Submission

  • Submission period
    • Early July of the 1st semester – Early January of the 2nd semester
  • How to write dissertation
    • Refer to the notice of “Completed Version of Dissertation Submission Guide” at Homepage bulletin board – Announcement, posted every semester
  • Number of Submitted Copies
    • Master: 1 copy to Academics & Student Affairs Team (original copy signed the review panel), 3 copies to Library Academic Support Team
    • Doctor: 1 copy to Academics & Student Affairs Team (original copy signed the review panel), 5 copies to Library Academic Support Team
  • Notes on submitting a completed version
    • Change the title of the thesis to match the Korean and English title of the final dissertation at the "Graduate School Homepage Academic Calendar → Thesis Information → Change of Thesis Title Registration" (That will be the final dissertation title for your degree.)
    • In case of subtitle, be sure to enter it in subtitle box.
    • When entering subtitle, enter a hyphen (-) at the beginning and end of subtitle (Korean and English).
    • You must enter English title because it will be missing if you don’t.
    • If you have only English title, please enter English title on both Korean and English text boxes.
    • Copies submitted to the library does not require signature by review panel. A complete copy submitted to Academics & Student Affairs Team must be signed by the review panel (no scanned copy)
    • Please check and correct personal information such as your English name (passport standard, English certificate issuance standard), contact information, and address in the Graduate School homepage Academic Calendar → academic information → personal information management.
  • Online Dissertation Submission
    1. Those who have passed thesis review must submit their dissertation online before submission of their completed version of dissertations
    2. Submission page: If you click 'Submit Dissertation' on the 'Library Service' menu of Sangmyung University's Central Library website, a new window called 'dCollection Sangmyung University' will come up
      Shortcut address : http://smulib.dcollection.net/jsp/index.jsp
    3. Period for uploading and submission of thesis: Refer to 'dCollection Sangmyung University' Announcement.
    4. Dissertation Submission Process
    • Log in (log in available only for those who applied for thesis review)
    • If you click "Finish Submission" after filling out boxes by referring to the input help according to the progress procedure, a screen informing that the thesis submission has been completed will be displayed. If you reached this stage, your dissertation submission has been completed.
    • In particular, when entering metadata, please enter "belonging of author" and "issuing institution" as "Graduate School of Sangmyung University". Example) Sangmyung University The Graduate School
    • If the receptionist approves the thesis, the copyright agreement to academic thesis and the thesis submission confirmation sheet can be printed through "Submission Details" in the main screen of the acceptance screen

      Please upload the original text at least one day before the library submission date.

    • Visit the library's 2nd floor Academic Support Team with 5 copies of the dissertation, copyright agreement to the printed dissertation and dissertation submission confirmation
      For more information on submitting the original papers, please refer to http://www.dcollection.net/dcoll_hosting/html/manual/mn_m2.htm and [FAQ] at the top of the homepage
      Contact Department: Library Academic Support Team : 02-2287-5192
    • Notes on Thesis Uploading (Uploading large-size thesis) Due to the web-based submission system, uploading may not be possible if the original text size is over 20MB.
      Difficulties in uploading the majority of large-volume papers occur when there are many picture files included in the paper. In this case, converting the format of the picture included in the original text into JPG reduces a considerable amount of volume.
      If your file size is large, it is recommended that you convert format of pictures included in the original text from BMP to JPG format, and divide it by 20MB if it goes over 20MB. If you need to submit a large volume of original text file other than the above causes, please submit it on CD.