Leave of Absence and return from leave/Military Affairs/Graduation


School register transition period

  • Usually 2-3 weeks before the start of semester (refer to Announcement)
  • Application for leave of absence, return from leave and voluntary withdrawal should be applied at homepage Academic Calendar, signed by the president of department and submitted to Academics & Student Affairs Team. (Those assigned with advisor should get signature from their advisors too.)
  • Those who are about to return from leave cannot register courses unless they apply return from leave.
  • You can take leave of absence or return from leave after the school register transition period, but you can be dismissed after certain period of time.

Graduation deadline at completed status

  • Graduate School Policy Chapter 6 Awarding of Degree 38 ② "Six years for master's course (including Combined Bachelor and Master Course), 8 years for doctoral course, 10 years for Unified Master and Doctoral Program. The period of leave and dismissal is not counted. "(Effective from 2015)

Leave of absence

  • If you cannot attend classes for more than 1/3 of the class days due to illness or personal reasons, you can submit a leave of absence and leave the school with the permission of the president.
  • Each Leave of absence lasts for one semester or one year. Students enrolled in Master course (Bachelor and Master Course) cannot exceed 2 years of leave of absence, and students enrolled in Doctoral Course cannot exceed 3 years. The number of leave is not limited.
  • Military leave due to military service obligations shall last for the duration of the service and shall not be included in the period of absence. However, long-term service personnel who have passed the compulsory military service period should submit a confirmation of service once a year to extend the period of absence.
  • Leave of absence due to pregnancy, childbirth, or child-rearing is within 2 years of the school year and is not included in the absence period.
  • Leave of absence due to workplace change, job conversion, or training can not exceed one year in total and will not be counted in the absence period.
  • Students of Combined Bachelor & Master Program cannot take a leave of absence during the first semester of Graduate School for reasons other than military service or disease.
  • Documents to be submitted when applying for leave of absence other than regular leave
    • Disease leave: Medical certificate requiring treatment for more than 2 months (issued by general hospital)
    • Military leave: Notification of attendance (call) or service certificate
    • Pregnancy, childbirth, parental leave: Documents of supporting evidence (eg birth certificate, family relationship certificate, resident registration copy, etc.)
    • Work leave: Documents to prove employment certificate or change of workplace, job conversion, and training

Return from leave

  • Those who have taken leave of absence must submit a re-enrollment form within the prescribed period of each semester with the expiration of the leave of absence period and obtain permission from the president.
  • Those who are absent due to military service shall return to the school within the first semester of the return date or discharged date even during the leave of absence period, and attach a (prospective) discharge certificate or proof of delayed call certificate to Return from Leave office.
  • You are not allowed to return to school after 30 days from the start of the semester.

Voluntary withdrawal

  • Those who want to drop out must submit a letter of withdrawal from school stating the reasons and get permission from the president.


  • Any person falling under any of the following subparagraphs shall be dismissed from the school.
    • Those who did not return within the deadline after the end of the leave period
    • Those who did not register within the deadline
    • Those who have been dismissed for disciplinary reasons
    • Those who have not completed the prescribed course within the school year