Grade Scale

Grade Scale
Grade Score GPA
A+ 95~100 4.5
A 90~94 4.0
B+ 85~89 3.5
B 80~84 3.0
C+ 75~79 2.5
C 70~74 2.0
F Below 69 0

Grade processing according to course classification

  • Major
    • It will be processed as “major” when you take course from department you belong to.
  • Prerequisite
    • It will be processed as “prerequisite” when subjects to prerequisite courses take courses from relevant departments.
    • If you want your major courses to be processed as prerequisite courses, you must submit “Graduate School Course Classification Change Proposal.”
  • General Elective
    • It will be processed as “general elective” when you take courses from other departments.
      Ex) It will be processed as “general elective” when you take courses from other departments (It will be processed as “major” or “general elective” when submitting "Graduate School Credit Exchange Proposal")

Reflection to GPA and inclusion to Number of Credit Requirements

Reflection to GPA and inclusion to Number of Credit Requirements
Classification GPA Credit Requirements
Major Reflected Included
Prerequisite Not Reflected Not Included
General Elective Reflected Not Included

Number of Credits Required for Completion: 24 major credits for Master (Bachelor and Master,) 36 major credits for Doctor, 60 major credits for Unified Master’s and Doctor’s Course

Grade Inquiry and Objection/Correction

  • Period: Within certain period after the end of each semester (refer to Academic Calendar or Announcement)
  • Inquiry method: You can find it out after logging in homepage Academic Calendar an you have to do lecture evaluation beforehand.
  • Objection: If there is objection regarding the grade, you must raise objection to the professor or instructor during objection period. If the instructor accepts the objection, he or she should correct the grades in the graduate school homepage, and print out from the homepage format section and submit it to Academics & Student Affairs team.
  • Grades will be transferred and reflected to school records and cannot be corrected any future.
  • Alternative prerequisite courses or credit exchange courses from other universities can be identified 1 month after the end of the semester.

Grade Withdrawal

  • Those who want to give up credits of courses they took, the can withdraw your credits within given period after the grade confirmation at the final registered semester (only once per each semester).
  • Those who want to give up their credits should submit Credit Withdrawal Application during credit withdrawal period.
  • As credit withdrawal application cannot be recanted, students should be careful when making application.


  • The grades of subjects that are absent for more than one-third of the class days are evaluated as failing (F).