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Contact number 02)2287-5156
Location of Department Office Wolhae-hall M405

Educational Goal

The goal is to create human resources capable of contributing to dance culture and academia by creating in-depth expert knowledge about dance. Specific implementation goals are as follows.

  • Create manpower that can contribute to the development of dancer research.
  • Nurture future-oriented artists and social dance leaders who can contribute to the creation of dance culture.

Career Prospect

  • Dance choreography / creation: professional dancer, choreographer (dance, musical, opera, visual media, lead mics sport, mega sport event), performance director
  • Performance planning: Performance Hall managers, cultural arts festival planners, performance planning PD
  • Dance industry • Management: Culture and art enterprise executive, performance marketer, dance studio operation manager, dance clothing and supplies merchandiser
  • Dance education: middle school teachers (physical education, dance), community dancing specialists, arts middle school dance teachers, university professors, school art teachers
  • Culture and Arts Management: Dance Curator, Art Center and Cultural Foundation Administrative Office, Ministry of Culture, Culture Coordinator
  • Dance and Medical Science: Dance Fitness Leader, Somatics Movement Rehabilitation Specialist, Movement Therapist