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Educational Goal

Department of Digital Image leading the 4th Industry and Convergence

The development of digital technology has also changed the way people communicate. In particular, the use of non-verbal messages centered on images as well as text-oriented linguistic messages is expanding in the process of communication through digital media.

In keeping with these changes, the Department of Digital Imaging aims to foster digital communication talents. First, it explores the theory, methodology and practice related to digital communication, and develops the ability to understand the simultaneous use and convergence of digital media in various communication contexts. Second, it will cultivate the ability to plan and produce creative digital images and video contents using digital media, as well as to establish effective communication strategies based on contents. Third, it equips students with knowledge and philosophy to understand and solve the ethical problems that may arise in the process of producing, distributing and consuming digital contents.

Career Prospect

Culture and Arts related manager, Performing Arts related manager, Professor, Journalism and Media-related specialist, Film and Video Specialist, Creator of Media Contents, Photographer, Photo Journalist, Master of Advertising Publicity Contents