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Location of Department Office 1st Engineering Building G419

Educational Goal

Cultivating top-notch professional musician in various fields of practical / popular music

Practical and popular music have been expanding quantitatively over the last few decades, and the number of educational institutions has increased accordingly. However, compared with the quantitative expansion of the practical / pop music sector and the increase of educational institutions, the academic and theoretical level are still not high compared to other academic fields. The doctoral program of the Department of Music Technology at Sangmyung University aims to nurture professional musicians with excellent practical skills and a high level of theoretical knowledge in various fields of music. Students will be able to become a top authority in their own field of interest and major field based on research in various related fields both at home and abroad. This research result will contribute to the improvement of the academic level of domestic music industry.

Career Prospect

Music scholar, lecturer of practical music department, music program manager of broadcasting station, performer and music planner, etc