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Location of Department Office Gyedang-gwan S222

Educational Goal

Film and Video is a dream factory that illuminates the future of mankind

In addition to strengthening the conceptual understanding of the socio-cultural values and roles of the film, it aims to train professors through deepening learning and research in film and video content production, movie image theory, and film and video acting major. The film and video contents production is aimed at cultivating skilled field people through more specialized education and research, the movie image theory is to develop the theorist of each field of interest, and the movie image acting is to produce actors who develop physical expression skills through various media.

Career Prospect

Directors, actors and models, photographers, sound and recording engineer, video recording and editing engineer, lighting engineer, other theatrical film and video related personnel, broadcast and film assistants, cultural arts planners and managers, artistic and humanities lecturer, writer, broadcasting and screenwriter, critic, drama film and video specialist, etc.