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Contact number 02)2287-5198
Location of Department Office Wolhae-hall 307

Educational Goal

  • To cultivate specialists in global living environment in the 4th industrial age
  • In order to respond to the demands of a complex and flexible society in the era of globalization, the Department of Global Living Environment studies the concepts of human ecology based on multidisciplinary and convergent approaches and operates the curriculum. It aims to contribute to the development of industry and academia by cultivating theoretical and practical experts with high level of field competence and creativity and to play a leading role in establishing a human-centered paradigm.
  • This department is a convergent department with a wide range of disciplines related to living environment such as consumer studies, housing studies, and clothing. Due to today's globalization, diversification, and complexity of industry, there are social trends and demands that for convergence experts who are able to cover various fields of knowledge. In order to respond to such demands, the department aims to lead interdisciplinary change by opening a curriculum that enhances the ability to integrate knowledge of three disciplines based on acquiring specialized knowledge in each discipline of human ecology, bringing related experts to society.

Career Prospect

  • Customer Studies Major
    • Marketing specialists
    • Customer Service Manager
    • Financial office clerks (insurance clerks, bank clerks, securities clerks)
    • Market and opinion poll manager
    • Merchandising / PR and Investigator
    • Professors and instructors
  • Housing Studies Major
    • Apartment Housing Manager
    • Architectural Manager
    • Professors and instructors
    • Social Science researcher
    • Urban planner and designer
    • Interior designer
  • Clothing Studies Major
    • Professors and instructors
    • information analysis and consulting specialist
    • Researchers (R & D experts) in textile fashion related research institutes