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Contact number 02)2287-5129
Location of Department Office Wolhae-hall M307

Educational Goal

Department of Foodservice and Nutrition, which leads the improvement of human health and quality of life through diet

It seeks to cultivate expert knowledge required in 21st century food service industry and food and nutrition field. To achieve this goal, the department aims to cultivate experts in the food service industry and food and nutrition through education that can respond to the demands of the times and societies by providing various specialized knowledge and new information. The specific objectives of the program are as follows.

  • Develop creative and leading research skills in food and nutrition.
  • Train specialists who have both theoretical and practical skills in food and nutrition.
  • Produce leaders in the field of nutrition and diet, equipped with reasonable problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Educate talented people who have the virtues and intelligence to contribute to human society.

Career Prospect

The Department of Foodservice and Nutrition Education has a bright prospect of career in various fields such as foodservice, nutrition, food product and etc.

  • With the recent developments in the meal service and foodservice industries, it is possible to be specialized foodservice managers and professional managers in food service company consultants, foodservice researchers, foodservice managers, food columnists, managers of food information and food service companies, and food service companies.
  • In the field of food and nutrition, it is possible to work as food industry researchers at Korea Food & Drug Administration, Korea Food Research Institute, RDA, food hygiene officials, and food product managers