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Educational Goal

Birthplace of Korean Studies/Korean Education specialists and educators of the global era

The Department of Korean Studies aims to nurture human resources capable of contributing to the advancement of Korean and Korean Studies in the world by providing interdisciplinary research necessary for understanding and studying Korea, such as Korean Language Culture, Korean Studies, and Korean Immigration Integration major. In order to enhance the status and professionalism of Korean studies, each major sets and operates the following goals.

  • Korean Language Culture Major
    • Students are expected to acquire general theoretical knowledge about Korean and Korean culture and apply them systematically to general social field or educational field with methodology. Especially, it places great emphasis on comparative language and cultural approach and Korean language education as a foreign language, reflecting the situation in which globalization accelerates internationalization and multiculturalism in Korea. If you complete the prescribed course, you will acquire a 2nd grade Korean language teacher's certificate in the name of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
  • Korean Studies Major
    • Understanding the political history and economic history of Korea and deeply examining the relationship with neighboring countries, the major aims to nurture Korea specialists. By examining the overall history and the location and cultural dynamics of Korea, it sheds light to the role of Korea in Asian region. Relating topography, climate, and geographical characteristics of Korea with its culture, economy, humanities and tourism, it aims to build Korean geographical information to explore Korea's role and function in the world.
  • Korean Immigration Integration Major (2017 new major)
    • Students will understand the social changes that occur as immigrants increase and the various issues that arise in the process. In addition, it introduces various discussions related to the social integration policy in line with the increase of immigrants, and develops professional capacity to act as researchers and practitioners in related fields.

Career Prospect

  • Acquisition of 2nd grade Korean language teacher's certificate
    • If you complete a predetermined course (6 courses, 18 credits) in any of the master's, doctoral, and master's degree courses in Korean Studies, you can acquire a 2nd grade Korean language teacher's certificate in the name of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. As the status of Korea in the international society has increased and the number of foreign immigrants in Korea has risen, the activities of the holder of the Korean language teaching certificate as a foreign language / 2nd language have become more important. It is our pride that Korean teachers from Korean Studies Department are active in major Korean language education fields both at home and abroad.
  • Acquisition of multicultural instructor certificate (underway)
    • If you complete the prescribed courses (7 courses, 21 credits) in the Korean Immigrant Integration major of the Korean Studies Department, you can acquire the certificate of the expert of multicultural society in the name of the Minister of Justice. As the social integration policy for immigrants in Korea is being accelerating, acquiring the qualification of a multicultural social worker will be a great contribution to rewarding and meaningful social activities.
  • Working at Domestic/International Korean/Korean Studies Education Field
    • It is possible to enter various types of Korean / Korean Studies education field both at home and abroad. As Korean Education field is continuously increasing such as Korean/Korean Studies departments, Sejong Institute, social integration program management institute, private Korean language institute and so on, it is easy to advance to the field if you acquire a degree from the Department.