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Contact number 02)2287-5051
Location of Department Office Millennium Hall 204 (T204)

Educational Goal

Cradle of creative and professional global talent, Department of International Trade

The aim of this department is to nurture international trade professionals who can contribute to society and national development through theoretical research on international economics, corporate international management, regional economic research, and international trade practices. In order to achieve these educational objectives, the following concrete actions are taken.

  • Theoretical education related to international economics
  • Theoretical education related to international business
  • Theoretical education related to local economics
  • Theoretical education related to international trade practices
  • Developing intelligence as global managers

Career Prospect

In the case of graduate students of international trade department, students can contribute to the society based on their professional competence in domestic and overseas major companies and research institutes, and can also act as the world stage. The main courses of the graduate students are as follows.

  • Business Management / Economics Researcher
    • Researchers of research institutes and related institutions established and operating in accordance with changing management / economic environment
  • Trade-related Manager
    • Global trade-related FTAs, trade-related managers
  • Corporate business manager
    • Global market professional managers of companies that have developed the management skills required by enterprises
  • University professor
    • Fostering youger scholars as professor at university home or abroad after graduation