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Contact number 02)2287-5399
Location of Department Office Central Faculty Hall S111

Educational Goal

A public talent pool that analyzes public phenomena and explores alternatives!

A collection of intellectuals, Sangmyung University Graduate School Department of Public Administration!

Sangmyung University Graduate School, Department of Public Administration pursues the following educational goals.

  • Enhance understanding of the discipline by exploring various theories, paradigms, approaches, and research methods discussed in the field of public administration.
  • Based on the understanding of the discipline, enhance the practical ability to understand and solve various problems in the administrative phenomenon.
  • Enhance the link between theory and practice by activating internship programs at government agencies and research institutions.
  • Educate public talents necessary for the public sector through linkage with various disciplines in social sciences related to public administration.

Career Prospect

Post-Degree Career

  • Entering public service through recruitment of public and private officers
  • Entering white-collar and research positions in public institutions such as public corporations, quasi-government agencies, and other public institutions
  • Enter into academia such as academic field, national research institutes, and research institutes affiliated with local governments
  • Enter private companies such as banks, securities companies, trading companies, insurance companies, distribution companies, and media companies