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Contact number 02)2287-5254
Location of Department Office Humanities and Sciences Building S111

Educational Goal

Department of Family Welfare

The curriculum of this department is designed to scientifically explore the pattern of human development from the fetus to the elderly, to provide education and counseling for adaptation of children and families in modern society, to provide childcare and growth, and social welfare. Through this curriculum, we aim to realize the following goals.

  • Systematically study family issues in Korean society such as the development of family members, roles and psychological relationships.
  • Scientifically explore aspects of human development from fetus to elderly.
  • Learn and develop various programs related to child and family counseling and education and family welfare that can contribute to improving the quality of life through adaptation of children and families in modern society.
  • Cultivate a broad perspective on welfare through exploration and understanding of overall social welfare systems, areas, and practices.

Career Prospect

  • Health Families Worker
  • Family Life Trainer
  • Family Counselor
  • Workers in Healthy Families, Multicultural Family Integration Support Center
  • Nursing teacher and head of daycare center
  • Social worker
  • Civic activist
  • Officials and public employees
  • Researcher
  • Humanities and Social Science Specialists
  • University professor and instructor