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Educational Goal

Training experts who lead the age of global convergence real estate

The goal is in the fostering talented people who will lead the era of global convergence real estate and contributing to social and national development by carrying out systematic and professional education for nurturing experts who will contribute in education and research.

  • Nurturing real estate professionals who are suitable for the global era with academic theoretical education related to domestic and foreign real estate.
  • Cultivate convergent real estate professional skills that can be used in various fields through cooperative education with neighboring disciplines such as development, investment, finance, law, and environment.
  • Combine theoretical and practical skills through industry-academic linkages and real estate agencies and industry.
  • Cultivate the scientific ability of real estate analysis and forecasting through real estate education that is blended with IT expertise.

Career Prospect

Demand for real estate professionals is increasing as the global real estate sector changes into a multidimensional approach paradigm. The number of related companies such as professional real estate development companies that reflect these trends has increased rapidly, and financial and general companies have been building and strengthening the real estate management department function for efficient use of real estate. Therefore, the demand for the expert of convergence ability, which is an important factor in asset management, is expected to expand.

  • Development • Policy
    • Real estate strategist, real estate policy specialist, real estate researcher, real estate developer, construction coordinator, city planner
  • Marketing • Sales
    • Order Sales Manager, Apartment Sales Marketer
  • Asset Management
    • Real estate trust managers, financial officers, real estate asset managers, real estate fund managers, real estate consultants, real estate finance specialists, real estate auction houses, real estate brokers, property leasing managers, property managers, property managers
  • Research • Analysis • Evaluation
    • Appraisers, credit assessors, risk managers, trade analysts