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Location of Department Office Humanities and Sciences Building S111

Educational Goal

Geography is a book that records the world.
It is difficult to turn a single page if you read it alone, but you can read it completely in at Sangmyung Geography department.
Sangmyung University, Department of Geography Department that reads the world with humanities, nature, and spatial information, let's join together!

As interest in sustainable development of the country increases and geographic information is widely used in the real world, the importance of geography is also increasing. Sangmyung University's Geography Department understands and explores the pattern and process of natural and human geographical thoughts of our country as well as the rapidly changing world regions through globalization and knowledge informatization, and furthermore realizes the living space that can improve the quality of life of the people.

  • Training local experts who have expertise and application skills in natural and human geography.
  • Foster spatial intelligence experts with expertise and application skills of formal and informal geographical information. Develop creative and innovative talents that can realize safe and happy living spaces by combining convergence, critical thinking and insight.

Career Prospect

  • Career path
    • With continuous land development and rising interests on environmental preservation, the importance of geographical knowledge and information utilization is gradually increasing along with the use of GIS, GPS, and LBS technologies based on the advanced use of geographic information. Based on the understanding and inquiry of the patterns and processes of humanities and natural geographical phenomena in our country and the world, the geography major specializes in nurturing human resources in tourism business, service field, international understanding of culture field, environmental education field, and geographic information system field. Geography majors whose afterpaths were previously limited to secondary school teachers and going to graduate schools are currently expanding their scopes to research institutes, government offices, GIS companies, airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, etc. for land development, regional development, and environmental management. Furthermore, we want to broaden the scope of the career field by cultivating experts in living space that can improve the quality of life of the people in accordance with the development direction of the characterized department.
  • Employment fields
    • Geographic Information Systems Specialist (GIS Expert), Mapping Technician, Surveying and Geospatial Technician, Environmental Consultant, Natural Environment Guide, Database Developer
    • Tour interpreter, travel manager, travel product developer, travel clerk, tour guide, international conference expert
    • Middle or high school teacher, social studies teacher, geography researcher, regional environmental policy researcher, cultural contents expert, professor, university lecturer