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Educational Goal

The only wealth management specialist course in Korea with theoretical foundation and practical skills

This course aims to acquire the theoretical foundation and systematic financial knowledge about personal finance design and asset management, and to build a comprehensive curriculum that can enhance the ability of a comprehensive asset management expert including business ethics. At the same time, it aims to cultivate relevant experts. The detailed educational goals are as follows.

  • Acquire knowledge regarding personal finance design and understanding of external environment related to wealth management
  • Analyze relevant knowledge and information for practical utility management
  • Cultivate ethical, academic and practical skills as relevant experts

Career Prospect

Due to prolonged life expectancy and the population aging, the importance of individual financial planning in the life cycle of the general public is increasing. And as the proportion of financial assets in personal assets increases, industrial demand for related personnel will increase significantly as well. In order to tailor the financial design according to the individual characteristics of various financial products of banks, securities companies, insurance companies, etc. according to the expansion of individual assets, it is necessary to have knowledgeable experts with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for each bank. In addition, by acquiring relevant theories and knowledge, it is expected that students will be able to engage in related research and education work which is expected to increase in demand in the future as well.