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Educational Goal

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In the modern society, the disciplines related to chemistry and chemical engineering have become more and more advanced, and thus the convergence and development of the environment, renewable energy and biotechnology major are increasingly required in society as a whole. The Department of Green Chemical Engineering focuses on environment, renewable energy and biotechnology. Through focused instruction in basic science for understanding environmental pollution problem, practical training of expert knowledge for solving environmental pollution problem, and environmental education leading to green growth specialized education in renewable energy field, the department aims to nurture practical professional staff equipped with integrative thinking on environmental issues.

Career Prospect

  • Research and public works related to chemical engineering, environment, and biotechnology
  • Public employees (Gas Corporation, Petroleum Corporation, Environmental Management Corporation, Water Resources Corporation, Energy Management Corporation, District Heating Corporation, etc.)
  • Researchers at national and public research institutes (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Korea Institute of Energy Research, National Environmental Research Institute) or researchers at private company research institute
  • Chemical Engineering⋅Environmental Plant Construction Engineer (Petrochemical, Heavy Industry & Engineering)
  • Energy-related companies and power plants (large affiliates such as Hyundai, Samsung, LG, POSCO, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants)
  • Environmental engineering, gas• energy engineers and testing laboratories
  • Environmental engineers and researchers
  • Atmospheric environment engineers and researchers
  • Water environment engineers and researchers
  • Soil environmental engineers and researchers
  • Noise and vibration engineers and researchers
  • Waste disposal technicians and researchers
  • Environmental Impact Assessor
  • Other environmental engineering technicians and researchers
  • Gas and energy engineers and researchers
  • Gas and energy engineers and researchers
  • Environmental Engineering Tester
  • Atmospheric Environment Tester
  • Water environment Tester
  • Soil environmental Tester
  • Noise and vibration Tester
  • Waste disposal Tester
  • Environmental Impact Tester
  • Other environmental engineering-related Tester
  • Gas and energy Tester