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Location of Department Office Hannwoori-gwan 705A

Educational Goal

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Construction system engineering aims to educate practical and professional technical personnel with international competitiveness. The sense of globalization is the most important virtue to succeed in the ubiquitous era of borderless competition. Cultivating practical ability is done by learning practical contents. This is the key to securing expertise in core and current major technology, as well as confidence in the future design of employment and individuals. In order to achieve such educational goals, we are striving to cultivate the abilities of the whole person, such as theoretical / experimental parallel classes and seminars on essential subjects such as handwork, structure, ground, and GIS.

Career Prospect

  • Establishment of a civil engineering company: You can start a construction company for various civil engineering projects such as design, construction, and supervision and act as a manager.
  • Public officials: If you pass the civil service examination, you can work at central government departments such as Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and Ministry of Environment, and as technical officers of municipalities including Seoul Metropolitan City.
  • Construction Company: You can work for a construction company (Hyundai E & C, Samsung General Construction, Daelim Industrial, LG E & C, SK E & C, Daewoo E & C etc.)
  • Engineering company (design company): You can enter a company that specializes in design and supervision (Samsung Engineering, Hyundai Engineering, Dohwa General Technology, Korea General, Yushin Corporation, Dongbu Engineering, Sambo Engineering) and take technical duties such as examination, planning, design, and supervision.
  • State-owned enterprises: National investment enterprises mainly engaged in civil engineering-related construction projects such as Water Resources Corporation, Land Corporation, Road Corporation, Housing Corporation, Electric Power Corporation
  • Research Institute: You can work as a researcher in the civil engineering field at a research institute and a research institute affiliated with a construction company. (Eg, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Korea Land Research Institute, LG Construction Research Institute, Hyundai Construction Research Institute, Samsung Construction Research Institute, etc.)
  • Going to Graduate school entrance: Doing Ph.D domestically or overseas