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Contact number 041)550-5370
Location of Department Office Hannwoori-gwan I819

Educational Goal

The Department of Business Engineering, which nurtures professional manpower with a business mindset that combines both management knowledge and engineering knowledge

The Department of Business Engineering aims to nurture professional manpower with a management mind that combines management knowledge and engineering knowledge at the same time. The Department of Management Engineering educates subjects such as marketing, statistics and data analysis, accounting, financial management, financial engineering, management science, management information system, technical management, production operation management, and distribution logistics management. We also develop leadership and creative problem solving skills for organizational management. After graduation, graduates have entered various fields related to management, IT and engineering such as management consulting, service industry, financial institution, logistics and distributor, manufacturer, and information system enterprise.

Career Prospect

Students who graduate from the management engineering department enter into various fields such as management consulting field, production and quality management field, financial field, and IT related field. The specific path is as follows.

  • Management consultant
  • Planning Manager
  • Marketing and Advertising • Public Relations Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Management • Finance professionals and related jobs
  • Director of production management and quality management
  • Computer Software Development Manager
  • Application Software Developers