Homepage & Contact number
Contact number 041)550-5569
Location of Department Office Hannwoori-gwan I506

Educational Goal

Department of Electronic Information System Engineering, leading future smart society

In the upcoming future smart society, the ability to be equipped as an engineer is not a "cultivation of existing knowledge" to get my share from a limited pie, but a "self-directed engineering problem design ability" that can create value by creating pie. In keeping with this paradigm shift, the Department of Electronic Information Systems Engineering has developed self-initiated engineering problem design and research capabilities in the areas of information communication, electronics, system semiconductors, information security, and intelligent robots, and etc.

Career Prospect

After graduating from this department, which aims to train leading engineering leaders, students will demonstrate his/her professional abilities in various fields.

  • High-tech core parts developers in IT, including semiconductors
  • System developers of communication, image processing, security, and automation equipment
  • Game / Network / Computer Programmers and Application Software Developers
  • Artificial intelligence experts in various fields such as economy and medicine
  • Patent attorneys, senior civil servants, and venture entrepreneur based on creative technologies