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Contact number 02)2287-5112
Location of Department Office 1st Engineering Building (G) 101-2

Educational Goal

Fusion-type engineering talent power plant, leading the future energy world

By educating general theory and practice on technology, policy and management related to electric energy and IT, we aim to cultivate creative and practical manpower to act positively to social demand and expectation and play a key role in future green energy field.

  • Professional education in the field of green energy that will lead the era of low-carbon green growth and ubiquitous society based on engineering technology and theory in the electric / electronic field
  • Converging practical education to cultivate academic knowledge and creative thinking in IT related to energy through practical training in computer / communication
  • Customized education to nurture workforce focused on various consumer needs ranging from characteristics and utilization of various energy sources to environmental issues through an overall understanding of energy management.

Career Prospect

  • Electrical &smp; Electronics
    • Electric and electronic related jobs involved in the process of producing and delivering electricity and manufacturing and repairing electrical parts
    • Establishes a production plan for the electrical and electronic parts and products, manages the overall production activities such as material management, manpower allocation, and machine use required for production, or manages quality such as function and stability of the produced product
    • Electrical engineers and researchers who design, develop and test electrical equipment, components or electrical systems for commercial, industrial, military, and scientific use, or supervise the manufacture and installation of equipment
  • Related certifications
    • Electric (industrial) engineer, electric (industrial) engineer, information communication (industrial) engineer, energy diagnostician, energy manager