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Location of Department Office 1st Engineering Building 101-2

Educational Goal

Realization of future talent that combines technology and sensitivity
Realization of Respect for Human Sensibility
International Leadership in Sensibility Engineering Technology

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution enables human talent to be cultivated through the fusion of humanities, design and technology. This department is a place to implement future fusion technology and explore its knowledge.
  • It run project-based and research-oriented departments and pursues self-directed learning. It operates the emotional system by integrating psychology, design, engineering, and management knowledge. It aims to contribute to the future emotional society and nurtures emotional recognition experts.
  • It provides education that expands beyond the undergraduate majors to convergent sciences and supports research and academic activities for this purpose. We pursue field-oriented projects for practical talents and cultivate talented people with theoretical and practical knowledge to nurture competent future talents.

Career Prospect

The nature of human feelings of simulation or change in stimulation is called 'sensibility'. Sensibility has attracted more attention in various industries in recent years. As the emotional product stimulates consumption, the ecosystem of the industry is changing from the price and the performance-oriented market strategy to the consumer sensitivity customized strategy. Emotion recognition technology, also called ICT technology, is an innovative technology that recognizes human emotion automatically and processes emotional information according to the emotion and situation of the user and empathizes and breaks the technical limit. For example, there are technology that uses biosensors to automatically detect stress, prevent chronic stress diseases, and emotional sensors attached to automobiles to extract the driver's emotions and add empirical content to improve the driving environment. As such emotional recognition technology is evolving from simple emotional stimulation to advanced emotional cognitive technology including emotional processing, and communication skills. In addition, the activities of emotional recognition technology experts who are aware of human emotions and provide emotional customized products and services are becoming more prominent.

  • Emotion recognition technology expert
  • Next-generation convergence technology expert who dreams of human-centered future
  • Researching and developing technologies to create products and environments to recognize human emotions and respond to emotional responses according to the situation
  • Human information transfer, formulation and systematization of processing system
  • Create a human-centered environment by producing a physiological / psychological model and emotional products