College of Design

Department of Textile Design

Textile design is the process of transforming various patterns and techniques into fabrics, which are the most closely related materials to human life, and converting them into fabrics suitable for use. The Department aims to educate textile designers who have the qualities to systematically study design processes and to create valuable fabrics that satisfy diverse consumer needs. In order to understand the various means of expression using textiles and fabrics, students learn the design process of textile materials and textile product planning through subdivided courses into weaving, dyeing, knitting, pattern design and material planning in the Department. Each subject is closely interconnected to develop infinite possibilities of expression depending on the individual capabilities. Based on the knowledge and experience gained through the curriculum, the Department has produced creative textile designers and experts who will lead the Korean textile industry in the future by acquiring a real sense and technical sense through connection in research institutes, industries, and specialized fields. Students can become textile designers and textile experts to meet the Department’s goals.