College of Design

Department of Industrial Design

The Industrial Design Major, which keeps pace with the changes and development of the high-tech industry, should have an innovative educational system that accepts new technologies quickly and reflects them in education, along with convergence to introduce new values.

Also, industrial design students should be equipped with comprehensive problem-solving skills to grow as professional design leaders in the future.

The Industrial Design Major aims to achieve its goal by establishing the development strategy of the major under the long-term vision of nurturing the next generation of design leaders through focusing on multimedia network design, which is gradually becoming the core of industry.

The Department has established an operating system for specialization in high-tech information culture and design according to the mid-to-long term development goals of the major as well as the educational needs of the students, and has cultivated differentiated characteristics by improving educational conditions, contents, and methods, contributing to the revitalization of majors for students to have international competitiveness.