College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of National Security

Located in the center of Seoul, the Department of National Security is Korea’s top department pertaining to security, national defense, and the military.

It has entered partnerships with army science and the military in 2013, and students receive full-ride scholarships for all 4 years after passing the military scholarship exam during their school year and receive military commissions. This Department is the cradle of nurturing military experts and national leaders equipped with the necessary competence, character, and leadership. The Department of National Security consists of the most excellent students, Korea’s top faculty members who have both passion and skills, and Korea’s most outstanding curriculum. Like its name and reputation suggests, it is consolidating its status as the top, highest-quality private military academy in Korea.

By completing various educational programs, such as earning a double major, applying an autonomous command work system to develop leadership and teamwork skills, acquiring graduation certificates in language acquisition, physical strength, and computer programming, and an overseas staff ride, students build military expertise and leadership and become the best commissioned officers, military, security, and unification experts, as well as competent human resources required by our society.