College of Humanities & Social Sciences

College of Space Environment

In the College of Space Environment, students learn how to comprehensively explore and use in-depth the spaces and environments of various scales surrounding humanity, through the study of geography that understands the mutual interactions of humans and the environment and spatial patters, as well as the academic convergence of housing studies based on the applied approach of the physical environment through the theories of space science. This College seeks to foster creative convergence human resources who have strengthened expertise and practicability by understanding the changes of the humanities and the natural environment through their mutual interaction, analysis of space structure and patterns through Geography Information system (GIS), cultivation of space environment design and planning ability, and skills to practice space environment welfare. Also, to improve the application and practicality of students’ major knowledge, this College focuses on running cross-listed majors, academic exploration, internships, a field practice program, and certificate acquisition. Upon graduation, students mainly advance into education, shipping/trade/distribution, travel/airline/hotel, GIS and IT industry-related companies, as well as construction and space environment design companies, research institutes, pubic corporations, and NGOs.