College of Arts

College of Performance Image Culture and Art

The College of Performing Arts, Culture and Arts consists of three majors: Theater Major, Film and Video Major, Culture and Arts Management Major. The future-oriented high-tech film industry, which creates huge added value by investing large-scale capital, is becoming increasingly attractive through the combination of information and communication technology and the enthusiasm for the Korean wave that is capturing the whole world with its various image contents manpower.

The Theater Major, which is divided into the acting track and the theoretical track, focuses on fostering talent to lead the 21st century by integrating faculty and curriculum appropriate to each track so that it can demonstrate its effectiveness in actual performance through gradual stage production.

The Culture and Art Management Major provides systematic curriculum pertaining to the theories and practicum of knowledge, technology, and qualifications that professionals in culture and arts planning and management must have.

By carrying out competence-based education, the major will train competent personnel who will lead Korean culture through culture and arts planning and management.

Film and Video Major

Film is an art that instills dreams of the future based on human creativity and imagination. It is also a kind of future-oriented industry that creates huge added value by investing large-scale capital. In recent years, digital cinema has become popular due to the integration of information and communication technologies. In accordance with the nature of such films, our major is cultivating talented individuals who will lead the future of advanced film art and the movie industry.

Theater Major

In this major, students will acquire professionalism in theatrical art creation, an advanced form of art that goes with the essence of life, while receiving education and systemized training in professional theater knowledge, to become theater professionals with the intellectuality and emotions to lead the theater culture of the 21st century.

Culture and Art Management Major

Culture and Art Management can be described as a bridge connecting arts and audiences. Culture and arts managers help artists create in a better environment and help more audiences enjoy art. In the 21st century, culture and arts are rapidly evolving into a creative industry, a growth engine for the future, by improving education, increasing income, increasing leisure time, and expanding government support. The Sangmyung University Culture and Arts Management Major aims to produce the future culture and arts CEOs, who will lead the Korean art world in the era of culture, and to become a center of cultivating future cultural arts planners.