College of Arts

Department of Photography and Digital Contents

The Department of Photography and Digital Contents was newly established by integrating the Department of Photography and Image Media and Department of Digital Contents. Since the digital age, photography has been widely accepted not only for still images but also for video media, and has played an important role in the information era as well as the artistic expression. The Department of Photography and Image Contents aims to cultivate professional photographers who have scientific purpose and aesthetic sense according to the modern concepts of photography and imagery, along with rational and systematic professional knowledge and practical application skills. Graduates can go on to graduate school and study photographic images in academic fields, or can also take part in a variety of fields such as working at broadcasting stations, video editing rooms, magazines, public relations rooms, and advertising studios. Photography is not only a medium of artistic and practical expression but also plays an important role in the era of globalization and information.

The Department of Photography and Digital Contents develops scientific thinking and creative thinking in accordance with the concepts of photography in the era of photography, by operating a curriculum that diversifies students’ academics by strengthening their professionalism and practicality in order to train practical professionals.

Digital contents are a new discipline that aims to create high added value through the convergence of human creativity and knowledge, art, industry, and technology as a core field of the cultural contents industry. The Department has diverse topics ranging from characters, learning cartoons, picture books and animated fairy tale books, advertising promotional videos, motion comics, smart phone applications, web & mobile contents and games, in order to raise experts who will lead the digital age. Students will not only have storytelling and planning skills based on knowledge information in digital contents production, but also become professionals in cultural contents creation with excellent digital technologies and keen business acumen to express creative artworks. In other words, the Department aims to cultivate multiplayer experts in all areas of planning, production, and implementation related to digital contents development.