Traffic Information

Student Shuttle Bus Route Guide (Starting from 2017.3.2)

  • Shuttle Route (Please check the following note below)
    1. ※ You can check the detailed departure location by clicking the route name.

    Shuttle Route
    Route Name Departure
    Going to School Departure Time Fare (one-way) Monthly Fare
    (20 round-trips)
    Afterschool Departure Time
    No. Mon Tue~Fri Ticket Cash
    Metro Gangnam Station Gangnam Station Exit 5
    (Behind Dankook University)
    1st 07:20
    *To be Arranged according to the number of passengers
    4,500 5,000 152,000 From 12:30~18:00, the but departs from time to time when it gets full.
    19:30 and 21:00 is the last bus.
    2nd 08:20
    *To be Arranged according to the number of passengers
    3rd During08:20~09:40,
    but departs from time to time when it gets full
    Ansan Seoul National University of Arts Shuttle Bus Stop in front of Central Station 1st 07:10 07:20 5,000 5,500 152,000 No Ride
    Metro City Hall Station 250m away from City Hall Station Exit 8 and towards Namdaemun Bus Stop at Samsung Life Insurance 1st 07:00 5,000 5,500 152,000 No Ride
    Yeongdeungpo Yeongdeungpo Shinsegae Department Store, In fonrt of Crosswalk across Yeongdeungpo Fire Station 1st 07:00 07:10 5,000 5,500 152,000 No Ride
    Seongnam City Bus Stop opposite to Seongnam Moran Market (toward Chungwon-gu) Catholic Church (Seongnam-dong Cathedral) opposite 1st 07:10 07:20 4,500 5,000 152,000 No Ride
    Bundang End of Underground driveway entrance overpass in front of Hanshin APT 123 Dong opposite to Bundang Seohyun Station 1st 07:30 07:40 4,500 5,000 152,000 No Ride
    Jukjeon Gyeongbu Expressway Haejeon Bus Stop 1st 07:55 4,500 5,000 152,000 Gyeongbu Expressway Jukjeon Request Station
    • Tue-Fri
      1. 1) 07:40→ At Car wah center behind Dong Suwon Intersaction Shinhan Bank Building
      2. 2) 07:45→ In front of Volvo next to SC First Bank at court intersection
      3. 3) 07:50→ In front of the bus stop under Yeongtong entrance highway
      4. 4) 07:55→Under electric sign at the road 300m ahead of Shingal T/C
    1st 07:30(The boarding time for each riding position is 10 minutes earlier than the departure time for the "riding place" on the left column) 07:40 4,500 5,000 No Ride Gyeongbu Expressway Shingal Request Station
    Anyang Kims Outlet Parking Lot at Exit 5 of Bumgye Station Entrance of 1st 07:10 07:20 4,500 5,000 152,000 No Ride
    Incheon Songnae (Nambu) Station (Gumsan Intersection Haimart -> 150m in direction towards Nambu Station) Bus stop No. 4 in front of 'Seoheung Capsule' 1st 06:50 07:00 6,000 6,500 200,000 17:00(School → Songnae Station), No Ride on Saturday
    Ilsan Taxi Stop 50m ahead from Madu Subway Station Exit 5 towards Nukoa 1st 06:10 No Ride 7,200 7,500 No Ride No Ride
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  • Ticketing Office : Cheonan Campus Main Entrance Shuttle Bus Information Center
  • Notes
    1. The service period is five days a week from Monday to Friday during the semester.
    2. On every Monday, all departure routes (except Gangnam Station) leave 10 minutes early.
    3. For Gangnam subway station, students who take the 1st calss may take the bus ple at 07:20, and students who take the 2nd class students at the 08:20.
    4. The City Hall Station, Yeongdeungpo, Seongnam, and Ilsan school buses can pass through other school bus routes within a range that does not interfere with the start time of classes if the number of passengers is small.
    5. All morning routes (excluding Gangnam Station, Jukjeon, Ilsan) can be reserved from 8:00 pm three days before until 1:00 am one day before using the mobile student identification card bus reservation system. Those who do not make a reservation may not be able to use the service when it is full.
    6. The Incheon (after school) bus departs when more than 15 passengers are on board and does not operate otherwise.
    7. Because school buses may not arrive on time for class, students must use proper transportation for themselves. We are not responsible for any missed classes due to delayed arrival time.
    8. Let's make an efficient school bus operation culture without delay by arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
    9. No bus allows standing room (except Gangnam Station at 07:20, 08:20), please use other means of transport to go to school if there is not seating available.
  • Guide for Shuttle Bus Reservation through Mobile Student ID card/ID card
    1. Enforcement Date: 2018.3.2.(Fri)

      ※Boarding without a reservation is only available for the first week after the 1st and 2nd semesters start.

    2. Lines: All Routes(except Gangnam, Jukjeon, and Ilsan)
    3. Users: All faculty, staff, and students
    4. Use Guide
      • 01) You can use your mobile student ID / ID card to make reservations. For students / faculty members who have not downloaded their mobile student ID / ID cards, please do so.

        ※ Search and install “Sangmyung University mobile student ID” from the play store (Android) or app store (iPhone).
        ※ Students must have at least one record of issuance of their student ID card to log in with their mobile student ID card.

      • 02) You can make the next day morning bus reservation from 8:00 pm three days before until 1:00 am one day before
        (Monday reservations are available until 10:00 am on the previous Friday, and no reservation or withdrawal is possible after 10:00 am.)
        Guide for Shuttle Bus
        Boarding Date Reservation Time
        3.12.(Mon) 3. 7.(Wed) 8:00 pm~3. 9.(Fri) 10:00 am
        3.13.(Tue) 3.10.(周六) 8:00 pm~3.12.(Mon) 10:00 am
        3.14.(Wed) 3.11.(周日) 8:00 pm~3.13.(Tue) 10:00 am
        3.15.(Thu) 3.12.(周一) 8:00 pm~3.14.(Wed) 10:00 am
        3.16.(Fri) 3.13.(周二) 8:00 pm~3.15.(Thu) 10:00 am
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      • 3) One bus is operated for reservations of less than 60 passengers. Students of reservation number 45 to 59 cannot use the shuttle. (Please use another transportation method to go to school.)
      • 4) Students who do not board after making a reservation will not be able to reserve for one semester after 2 warnings
      • 5) Students who do not make a reservation may not take the shuttle when it is full.