College of Education

College of Education

Our School of Education is responding actively to the realistic needs of society, schools, and students pertaining to teachers’ education with the advent of the era of a knowledge informatization society. To do so, the School of Education is working on specific assignments to realize five directions, which include: Advancement of the operation of the School of Education, establishment of a customized educational program, development of a student instruction system, securing excellent faculty members and building a support system to cultivate relevant skills, and the optimization of the educational environment.

Our School of Education seeks to foster competent teachers appropriate for the future while providing the best educational environment and latest educational theories with a more special intimacy of student-teacher relationship than other universities.

Department of Korean Language Education

The Department of Korean Language Education aims to nurture excellent middle school Korean language teachers and Korean language education specialists. To do so, it offers various lectures of Korean language education while actively carrying out academic field-trips, seminars and studies, academic festivals, and publishing academic journals in addition to the regular curriculum. It especially allows students to explore their prospective careers through regular meetings with professors according to the lifelong advising system, while being devoted to cultivating students’ abilities as prospective teachers through all kinds of research classes and study activity support. Graduates are mostly working as middle school Korean language teachers, university professors, school vice-commissioners, teachers of Korean language as a foreign language, and education public service officials. They have also entered every part of society such as the press, publishing companies, PR agencies, education and content development-related divisions in companies.

Department of English Language Education

English as an international language has long been recognized as the lingua franca of the world essential to the fields of business, commerce, science, and academia. This Department, which aims to nurture middle school English teachers, bases its curriculum on the correct understanding and usage of English to cultivate language and literary knowledge through the systematic analysis of English syntax, linguistics and examination of British & American literature and culture. It runs a curriculum to train competent teachers by helping students acquire the refined skills and comprehensive knowledge of theories and practice in English education while providing students with the opportunities to apply what they have learned in teaching practicums.

Department of Education

The Department of Education aims to nurture education specialists based on the academic exploration of education learning in various dimensions of human life including school education.

Notably, the Education Department was selected in 2014 to participate in the Metropolitan University Specialization Project Group (Project group name: Project Group to Nurture Education Professionals for Adolescents’ Happiness, HEY STAR: Happy Education for Youth and Students At Risk). Through this project, the Department seeks to cultivate youth education specialists who can support youth to grow as well-rounded individuals with a balance of knowledge, virtue, and strength in their home life, school life, and society, aiming to propose a new model for cultivating the faculty members of the School of Education and realize a happy education for youth. The graduates of this Department can acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree and Middle School Full-time Teacher (grade 2) Certificate (Displayed as Pedagogy), and can obtain the teaching certificate of another department through a double major. Moreover, they can obtain a lifelong educator certificate by completing the lifelong education curriculum, a youth instructor certificate by completing the youth-related curriculum and an interview test, and a youth counselor certificate through an exam.

Upon graduation, students find employment as education specialists in various fields such as middle school teaching, education research institutes and public institutions, as well as youth education, lifelong education, company education, human resources development, education counseling, e-learning content development, and education planning.

Department of Mathematics Education

The Department of Mathematics Education has the purpose of cultivating competent and creative secondary school math teachers through modern mathematical and educational theories so that they can become excellent educators.

Students will learn various fields such as general mathematics, analytics, algebra, geometry, topology, applied mathematics, computer and mathematics, and mathematics education to move into various fields in today’s information-oriented society.

After graduation, graduates provide service actively in the education field through becoming math teachers in secondary school, university professors and lecturers, elementary school teachers and instructors in private institutes.

Graduates also move into other related fields of business such as programming, data-processing, public service and general companies.